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New Map - Frozen Land

Frozen Land for Eastern Realm by paradox991962

New Map - Alderon

Alderon for Eastern Realm by LionKeypr

The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria

Ubisoft Promises Next City-Building PC Game Settlers Will Offer a "New Game Experience"

New Map - Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice for Eastern Realm by MappersOfHorror

New Map - Dealer Of Death

Dealer of Death by totalwarANGEL for Eastern Realm

New Map - Sweden

Sweden for Eastern Realm by Gitti1962

New Map - Victor or Victim

Victor or Victim by MappersOfHorror for Eastern Realm

New Map - Chronicles of the North: Chapter One - The Fued

Chronicles of the North: Chapter One - The Fued for Eastern Realm by LordHakim

New Map - Bandit Camp

Bandit Camp by kubilaykhan for RoaE

New Map - The Savior

The Savior for Eastern Realm by MappersOfHorror

New Map - Acantilado

Acantilado for Eastern Realm by LordHakim

New Map - Adventureland

Adventureland for Eastern Realm by Gitti1962
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[download] Bridges to Redemption
Posted by Hawk on 26 Oct 14 : 02:39
[download] Frozen Land
Posted by paradox991962 on 25 Oct 14 : 22:55
[download] Frozen Land
Posted by maior on 25 Oct 14 : 19:50
[download] Frozen Land
Posted by Hipesz on 25 Oct 14 : 17:32
[download] Frozen Land
Posted by Shalom on 25 Oct 14 : 15:43
[download] Frozen Land
Posted by slige on 25 Oct 14 : 10:30
[download] The Big River.s6xmap v1.6
Posted by Hawk on 23 Oct 14 : 10:30
[download] MoH03 - Fire and Ice
Posted by barbara27h on 22 Oct 14 : 19:31
[download] MoH03 - Fire and Ice
Posted by heatherek on 22 Oct 14 : 18:25
[download] Island in the Desert
Posted by Hawk on 22 Oct 14 : 06:21


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15 Sep 14 : 16:19
I just want to inform you that the mapfile of Dealer of Death was replaced. There should be no language mistakes in the map now due to paradox. Thanks

18 Aug 14 : 22:32
The Easter Realm Editor is in the extra1/bin Directory not in base/bin (<-- there you can find the rise of an empire editor)

03 Jun 14 : 20:21
Hi mukeys it ill be in your program files - something like: Program Files / Ubisoft / The Settlers - Rise of an Empire / base / bin / S6MapEditor

01 Jun 14 : 06:05
Please can anyone help I can't find the easter realm map editor.

03 Mar 14 : 22:15
Continental Blockade V3 by Gitti1962 now uploaded. Still in original download post, feel free to download and overwrite your saved map file.

16 Feb 14 : 08:30
Nomolos is a She Smiles No Matter least You found them

16 Feb 14 : 00:15
Thanks jimmy_one, I did find a few of his maps and more now I searched his work on the search tool

15 Feb 14 : 12:30
Nomolos has Made loads thouse Maps look around

13 Feb 14 : 11:58
Heya, any good maps for Eastern Realm you can recommend? I prefer mostly free settlement, in large or XL maps with Mild or Warm climate.

06 Feb 14 : 03:43
Indeed,these guys are the best:)